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From Strategy to Go-To-Market, business expertise with a startup approach at the service of our clients

kalane is a strategy consulting firm with a focus on digital businesses.
With its startup approach, kalane delivers consulting services from  Strategy design to Go-To-Market.
For the last 10 years, kalane has served more than 50 clients in France and internationally.


  • Ambitious and pragmatic strategies
  • Business and performance oriented
  • Holistic vision of our clients’ business functions


  • Capability to deploy strategies
  • Expertise of our clients’ businesses
  • Expertise of industry solutions and technologies
  • Leadership on project management


  • Result-oriented culture
  • Focus on the profitability of our engagements
  • Desire to impact our clients’ businesses


  • Approach focused on concrete, quick and measurable results
  • “Lean startup” methodology
  • Iterative test-and-learn approach to monitor investments

Accelerate the development of our clients and improve their performance

kalane is focused on accelerating its clients’ ambitions regarding business development & business performance.
kalane offers its clients its expertise and solutions on business, marketing & technology.
Based on a unique combination of skills, we aim to provide pragmatic and actionable recommendations focused on revenue growth & profitability.


  • Identify, manage & deliver growth opportunities
  • Detect & implement innovation in our clients’ business
  • Identify, design and deploy new business models and activities
  • Identify, evaluate & achieve keys partnerships and acquisitions


  • Provide expertise to achieve digital transformation of businesses, processes and tools
  • Align strategic orientations to organizations, expertise & governance
  • Analyze, optimize & manage operational performance
  • Capitalize on DATA to deliver digital performance

A few examples illustrating our DNA and our offer


  • Identify, manage & deliver growth opportunities
    • For an international retailer group: definition of its e-commerce model and support to the choice of e-commerce solutions.
    • For the World leader of the teleshopping and e-commerce: launch of its activities in France – market study, business plan, distribution.
    • For a European leader of local communication: development of a new business unit based on DATA – strategic alignment , product design , business models, technology, organization, skills identification and set up of the operational team.
    • For a leading media advertising network in France: development of its digital revenues – new business models, technology solutions and organization.
  • Launch of new offers, new products and new user experiences
    • For a telecommunication operator: launch of its TV on demand gaming offer – market research, business plan, product strategy, technology solutions evaluation & identification of partnerships.
    • For a European leader of paid TV : roll out of VoD and TV catch up on each devices – product strategy, technology solutions, user experience & program control.
    • For a European leader of media: launch of a social network focused on sports – product strategy, user experience, call for tenders , project management.
    • For a European leader of telecommunications: redesign of its digital portal on terminals (TV, fixed & mobile) – content strategy, user experience, audience optimization , income optimization , organization.
  • Identify, define & develop new activities
    • For a media group : launch of its television activity in DTT – economic modelling, positioning, channel launch and roll out of its advertising network activity.
    • For a leading media group in France: development of a new business unit based on content marketing : business strategy, business plan, platform identification, pricing & business development.
    • For a pure player in e-commerce: launch of its destocking activity – marketing concept, business plan, project management.
    • For a telecommunication operator: launch of its ADSL activity & quadruple play offer – marketing offer, channels & video-on-demand distribution, marketing strategy on TV and entire operational control through the launch.
  • Identify, evaluate & achieve partnerships and acquisitions opportunities
    • For a media conglomerate (daily press & magazines): definition of a strategic plan and evaluation of partnership opportunities – scenarii development , key partnerships , distribution
    • For a leading media group in France: evaluate opportunities to acquire a digital agency – business studies , due diligence, agency consultation & recommendation.
    • For a European leader of local communication: market research on the development of a new business unit – definition of the strategic scenarii, evaluation of opportunities, identification of potential partners or target companies.
    • For 5 leading media groups in France: launch of the first programmatic premium marketplace in digital advertising – identify & evaluate opportunities, business model definition, marketing offer, joint venture creation, technology solution selection, set up & launch of the platform.


  • Provide expertise to achieve digital transformation of businesses, processes and tools
    • For a retailer: development of its e-commerce activity and optimization of its media communication – leading the project, choice of solutions, follow-up and set-up of a change management plan .
    • For a mutual insurance:redefine business-specific applications and its global relationship management systems – leading the project, identification of available solutions, call for tenders and project management.
    • For an international car manufacturer: launch of new digital services for public – offer outline, business planning.
    • For a telecommunications operator: rationalization of its omnichannel relationship management – diagnosis, executive committee recommendation , formalization of “target customer” routines and management of projects to be launched.
  • Align strategic orientations to organizations, expertise & governance
    • For a leading television group in France:
      digital transformation of its advertising network – identify growth opportunities, redefine organization , business functions evaluation, roadmap follow-up , roll-out of a new organization and lead the change management.
    • For a worldwide leading electronic company : strategic alignment of their process & revision of their commission plan tools – monitor critical process, definition of a target model, deployment in countries, organizational impacts, change management.
    • For a leading communication group in France:
      Transformation of media agencies organization & optimization of their profitability – Identify & optimize keys fields , rationalize business functions, redefine organization & release of a new roadmap.
    • For an European leading telecommunications group: strategic alignment of their staffing process : process definition, impact analysis & change management monitoring.
  • Analyze, optimize & manage operational performance
    • For an international web portal: strategic alignment on its web analytics management – organization & staffing , set-up of the operational team.
    • For a paid media group: redesign the entire marketing core business – acquisition, customer loyalty, retention on each device, analytics & business intelligence audit, reporting redefined , project monitoring.
    • For a diversified media group: strategic planning of Over-The-Top broadcasting – distribution architecture, economic modelling , optimal use.
    • For a price comparison website: strategic reworking on its B2C & B2B markets – user experience , review relationships with e-merchants , product roadmap.
  • Capitalize on DATA to deliver digital performance
    • For a leading television group in France:
      strategic study on Data – business opportunities, business cases, business plan, DMP shortlist, orientations to organizations, expertise & governance.
    • For an advertising network : evaluation of data visualization solutions – opportunity study, identify technology solutions, choice of the solution & deployment.
    • For a diversified media group: definition of a global Data strategy plan – opportunities analysis, strategic recommendation, business cases, technology solutions, orientations to organizations, expertise & governance.
    • For a leading advertising marketplace : opportunities study, business cases, business plan, identify & select technology solutions, prototyping.

Trusted by more than 50 leading organizations over all sectors worldwide

kalane’s ambition is to cultivate mutual trust to become a key partner of our clients.
Our references include…

Our publications Focus by kalane give the point of views of kalane on various topics of strategy, marketing & organization in our clients’ industries, digital and data

Focus by kalane are free to download. To go further, please contact us.

Entrepreneurship & Advisory at the heart of our offering

Vincent Grison Managing Partner

Vincent began his career with Andersen Consulting where he conducted engagements in the telecommunications sector.
Vincent contributed to the launch of several mobile offers .
Appointed Director in 2003 within Accenture, Vincent extended his area of expertise to the Media and the Entertainment industries : definition of growth strategy, partnerships and offers launch , product marketing, innovation and customer marketing.
In 2006, Vincent founded kalane and developed a deep expertise in delivering strategic recommendations and business development projects in Telecom & internet.
Passionate about digital & the way this transform every organization, Vincent has contributed to numerous strategic engagements in the e-commerce, automotive, retail, media communication industries…

François Marcon Managing Partner

After a first entrepreneurial experience in 1995 within OVE Interactive, a digital agency which he co-founded, François joined in 1996 Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) on the ” Media ¦ Communication ¦ Entertainment ” division.
He would exercise director‘s responsibilities before founding kalane in 2006. In parallel of his consulting activity, François co-founded Light Motion in 2010, a mobile development applications start-up.
For more than 15 years, François developed strong expertise on the media and communication industry. François led numerous market players in their strategic development and the improvement of their efficiency and profitability. For several years, François also led numerous missions on digital and data marketing fields.

Meet some of our consultants

Svetlana Rampon Manager

After graduating with an engineering degree from Institut d’Optique Paris Tech’s innovation curriculum, I started my career within Ernst and Young in the innovation practice.
I joined Kalane in 2016 where I worked for the advertising department of a TV Group on its Innovation and Big Data program, including enhanced data, addressable TV and optimizing commercial reporting. I also worked on the development of a shared advertising platform between different players (media, ecommerce, operator).

Jérémie Renault Manager

I spent 7 years in consulting mainly within Wavestone (FKA Kurt Salmon) working for the Strategy, Telecom, Media and Entertainment entity. I joined Kalane in 2015 to increase my digital skills. I manage transformation projects and assist our clients to define their growth strategy and setup their new digital offers.

Frédérique Sheng Senior Consultant

My first position was in BearingPoint within the Digital and Strategy team. I joined Kalane in 2016 where I can put my skills in project management and my client relationship management expertise to good use. Within Kalane, I improve our clients’ performance: I manage customer marketing and digital strategy assignments through a business but also start up approach.

Aimeric Raynaud Senior Consultant

Graduate from EDHEC where i studied strategy and organization consulting, i started my career in digital consulting. I achieved CRM and DMP projects before joining Kalane in 2017. Now I manage digital transformation plan for media accounts. Kalane enables me to improve my business development skills and strengthen project management abilities. Commercial activities and internal cabinet life complete my schedule.

François Richard Senior Consultant

Following experiences in startups and in the consulting firm DXC Consulting, I was seduced by Kalane’s vision of consulting : start-up minded and business oriented. I therefore joined the firm in 2015.
Within Kalane, I can develop a true digital expertise, thanks to various assignments focused on business performance improvement through digital transformation. Kalane is a human-sized company, which allows all consultants to be actively involved in the firm’s development, but also to catch on new digital trends quickly.

Louise Renaud Consultant

After a first experience in transformation consulting within Stanwell, I joined Kalane in 2017 to assist major players in their digital transformation. I was seduced by Kalane’s structure which allows me to get involved in the company’s development.

Olivier Nguyen Consultant

Graduated from Telecom Bretagne and HEC Paris in strategy, I decided to join Kalane after experiencing in consulting and startups. With its unique positioning combining strategy consulting, digital and entrepreneurship at a startup level, Kalane represents a perfect mix.
Since the beginning, I have the chance to be immediately challenged and empowered, working in the retail, e-commerce and media industries. Moreover, the cabinet human size allows us to learn a lot from the daily interactions with other consultants, managers and partners.

A consulting firm on a human scale to develop your business expertise

Kalane teams are composed of senior consultants, fascinated by  business challenges our clients are facing.
Joining the firm means working in a dynamic professional environment where we share value of commitment to our customers, sense of service and culture of pragmatism and results.

We recruit consultants and managers all year round. If you wish to apply, please send us a resume and a cover letter to recrutement@kalane.com


A stimulating career path adapted to consultants willing to get involved in the development of a growing structure : consultant > senior consultant > manager > senior manager > director


As we grow, we are hiring consultants with 2 – 8 years of work experience.

  • Graduate from a business school, an engineer school, or both
  • Competent and fascinated by the digital economy – in particular media, e-commerce, digital marketing digital communication, social networks, mobility
  • Experienced in consulting activities : analysis and synthesis skills, quality of writing and presentation , adaptability and autonomy
  • Adhering to a pragmatic vision of consulting and driven on the results
  • Motivated by an active participation in the development of the structure

Thank you for your interest